Hello, I am Florent Lamoureux

engineering, music, travel

I am a passionate enterprise JavaScript engineer, currently working to make web apps testing easier in the cloud at BugBuster.
I have a lot of areas of interest, including photography, music, traveling, politics, international concerns, journalism.
I live in
Lausanne, Switzerland
, and was before in
Montreal, and


web & mobile technologies

I have been working since 2009 in SaaS startups, as a front-end web or mobile developer. I specialized for a few years in mobile web technologies, did 10+ apps as a freelance and wrote a book on the HTML5/JavaScript framework Sencha Touch. I was also giving training sessions for startups on mobile web technologies such as PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile, Appcelerator Titanium... I now work mostly with Angular, Ember, and node.

continuous delivery, agile, testing

My interests have switch towards continuous integration, software design, product development strategies and code quality/build tools. I am working in continuous environments where shipping code is just as important as maintaining features avaibility through agile processes, high testing coverage, and data driven development.

products, not just apps

I don't work anymore on regular apps like I used to. I prefer to use my time building products, which means having impact on both business and technical sides. I like more creating products for the enterprise market, than for the consumer one because of the high level of quality and processes that we have to produce and maintain. Time being the most critical thing for a small startup team, I hate reinventing the wheel and always focus on estimating time cost/business value before starting something.

open source

I work daily with emberjs, angular, node, chrome apps, phantomjs. I really ♥ these projects and the open source philosophy, even for businesses.

I have a few open source projects that you can check out too.



Master degree thesis

I wrote my master thesis on how SaaS startups building enterprise apps can refactor their products' front-end while keeping shipping features.

Sencha Touch 2 book

I've co-written with a coworker a book in French on Sencha Touch to help developers getting started and understand its architecture and philosophy.


Discovering new countries, cities and cultures is my main hobby. I have been an expat since 2011, and each time took time to travel around where I was living, such as western European countries and North American US & Canada cities. I never had the chance to go to South America, Middle East or Asia yet, but this is high on my to-do list!


You can reach me at my lastname dot my firstname at gmail.com (lam[..].flo[..]@gmail.com)